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OBD / OBD-II dongle in high quality.

Supplied incl. bluetooth connection as well as software that is effectively secured against hacker attacks.

Since 2001, all cars have been equipped with an OBD port. With our ODB dongles, it is now possible for both mechanics and consumers to access all the data stored in the vehicle diagnostics system. Average fuel consumption, engine temperature and VIN are available. Using our patented communications system, all of this information that is registered and stored in the system can be accessed from your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

OBD Dongles is specially designed for use with Uniloq. All data from the car’s diagnostic system are analyzed in real time. Hereby you can avoid downtime while the car is on the road and ensuring a better operating economy on your cars.

Car Batteries

The battery is often due to shutdown, which is one of our specialties. We analyze the battery in real time and ensure you always have enough power to start.

Go Green

Whether you drive on diesel, gasoline or in one of the new hybrid cars, we’ll record your fuel consumption so you can drive a little greener.

Check Engine

What does it mean when the engine light is on or blinking in the dashboard? We will give you a detailed description of what is wrong with your car.

Live Data

We provide you with lots of live data from your vehicle. Everything from speed, distance and average fuel consumption to engine temperature and even boost pressure.

Trip Recording

Register your daily drive and sum up all your journeys up to eg. your driving account. No need to do this kind manually.


Connect is designed for you as a user and for your mechanic, but it’s not the only thing. It can also help you save money on your car insurance.

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