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Auto Uniq Connect adds value to your existing services

Each year there are approximately 58,000,000 emergency breakdowns in Europe. During 2020 the majority of these breakdowns were battery-related, as many as 46% were due to broken, defective and discharged batteries.

Did you know that Auto Uniq Connect can predict the most of these battery failures?

Avoid 85% of acute battery failures with Auto Uniq Connect


Auto Uniq Connect is the world’s #1 telematics solution. With 2-4 weeks notice, our unique battery algorithm can predict just over 85% of acute battery failures, which means huge savings for roadside assistance companies, insurance companies, fleet monitoring and many more. Furthermore, it provides a great security for the owner/user of the vehicle, avoiding these breakdowns, which ALWAYS occur at the worst possible time.

How Auto Uniq Connect works


Connect measures 26 parameters of the battery through an OBD II Dongle, Blackbox or Battery top device. With a spotlight on so many parameters, the system immediately detects if a battery failure is imminent and notifies the car owner or roadside assistance provider.

The benefits of Auto Uniq Connect


  • Saves unnecessary stress on the environment by allowing service visits to customers to be scheduled when the battery needs to be changed. There is no unnecessary transport to the dismantling site, which saves the environment. This means no road assistance, no emergency assistance. Only scheduled “service visits”.
  • Reduced costs: instead of incurring costs to remedy the customer, you add value to your customer service, and save the customer unpleasant waiting time on the road.
  • Safe start: your customer can confidently focus on the important things in life – you’ve got them covered, and they can run on battery power without a second thought.
  • Car batteries: The battery is often due to shutdown, which is one of our specialties. We analyze the battery in real time and ensure you always have enough power to start.
  • Increase battery sales: Sell the battery the customer needs and they see you as a valued partner.
  • Customer loyalty: You increase customer loyalty when you prevent an emergency breakdown.


Installation of Auto Uniq Connect


  • You already have a device that your customers have deployed in their vehicles – let us use it or
  • We can offer a device that we have already tested and know works with our technology – we have a partnership agreement, and we can offer competitive prices


About Auto Uniq Connect

Auto Uniq Connect, in partnership with US based Entricit, is the first platform of its kind to support all telematics providers and workshops.

The program provides a wealth of tools in source-agnostic connected vehicle data platforms that seamlessly unify the auto maintenance industry’s connected vehicles.

CEO and Founder, Jens A. Pedersen, established “Connect” in 2018 after attending an automotive conference in Las Vegas. Jens saw the value of predictive analytics, and was certain that the European market could benefit from the same need, to have certainty over vehicle health and status.

In 2019, Niklas Daring Laage-Petersen has joined as “Head of Commercial Strategy and Integrations”

Niklas has a background as a Product Manager for the roadside assistance industry and has in-depth knowledge of both the costs for the roadside assistance provider and the benefits for the customers. In addition, he has worked extensively on increasing customer loyalty for a low-interest product such as roadside assistance.

Jens A. Pedersen

CEO and Founder

Contact Jens

+45 4183 9805

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